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Terms of Service
Please read the terms and services, its gives the details of the laws and your rights, which laws you have to oblige and the things which can be changed if you are facing any inconvenience. .
There can be a law change in a particular city or country, accommodation owners much understand how law works in their city. In some cities owners are restricted to put their property for long or short terms bases, at some places you have to register with the state department, get a permit, or have a licenses for using your property for renting purpose. These laws are often part of city zoning and administration codes.
Note: – Lease abroad is a website for accommodating people looking for a stay abroad or within their own country – we as a company do not let or lease any property directly to people.

Lease Abroad serves to provide an online marketplace for booking accommodations all over world specifically for students and people in jobs or business. We provide booking services for both people (who are seeking accommodation at the place of their choice) and for accommodation providers (who wish to offer their accommodation to people from all over the world).

At Lease Abroad you get full right to cancel your agreement within a time frame or can also change a selected accommodation while there are some laws to follow, cancelling booking services within a 10 day cooling off period following your agreement to these terms of service (please refer to article 12 in cancellation policy), or incase if a user wants to change the choice of accommodation they can make it within 10 days.

However, if you are a accommodation owner and accepting request by users for availability or a user who contacts us to look for availability you are requesting us provide our services and once the cooling time frame is over, as a result you will cease to have a right to cancel, under consumer law, from the time such booking is made (please see article 7 and 12 for further details of this). You will still retain your contractual rights to cancel, which are set out in article 11.

Further, the best payment features are given by Lease Abroad, where you can make payments in two intervals within 10 days of time frame, you are likely to be required to pay a 1st Rental Payment to your accommodation provider via Lease Abroad (where Lease Abroad receives it on behalf of the accommodation provider and then send it onto them). This 1st Rental Payment is payable to your accommodation provider and therefore is only repayable in accordance with your contractual rights to cancel, which are set out in clause 11.
Please read this document carefully. It contains important information about your rights and a few articles which both parties have to oblige to.

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