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May 19, 2016 by graphicweave
  • Register: To submit your property you need to register your email ID with the website or you can simply register through facebook or Gmail. You will receive a confirmation email with the login password. Simply click on login option and give your user name and password.Enter your profile information once logged in.
  • Add Property: Click on ‘Add new property’. You need to fill in the accurate information, upload at least 10-20 pictures and maintain your calendar.

No, we do not charge any fees for and listing your property on the website.

Booking Request is how the user books your accommodation. The Booking Request is filled through and sent to you.

You will receive a booking request displaying the time period for which the user want to rent your accommodation. Once you issue the invoice, we will request the user to deposit these docs (Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Host University or company of joining and credits docs if requested) within 2 days of booking.

If a user wants to rent your property, he will simply send a booking request. You will receive a notification by an email and you can login to your profile and check in “my booking” options.

After you receive a booking request, you have an option to click on “issue invoice” or “reject booking request”. If you want to rent your property, click on “issue invoice”. Here you can add your security deposit or any other expenses you want to add or can also add a discount for the user and then issue an invoice, which will be received by the user.

All the information we take is required by the accommodation seekers. However, your complete address, phone number or any contact will not be provided till the booking for your property is complete. After the payment has been done (received by Lease Abroad), we share your details with the users.

Once you complete all the procedures and apply on the website, the property gets forwarded to the verification team. If the information provided turns out to be false your property will not be enlisted. It usually takes 24 hours to verify and verification team can call you. Once every detail is checked and verified we upload your property for display.

When you submit your property you get a separate account with login ID. You can log into this account and do the required update in your availability calendar.

People who regularly update their details have a higher chance of being promoted or receiving a booking request on our website. It also improves the rating of your property. Updating you property also help users to books fast.

The payment will be transferred to your account within 1-2 days after the tenant moves into the rented property. Until then, we will hold the payment on your behalf to save the tenant’s interest.

(i) If accommodation provider cancels the booking within 10 of cooling period and with more than 30 days before the move in date, students will get 100% refund and owners will not be booked for next 3 months.

(ii) If accommodation provider cancels the booking within 10 days cooling period but less than 30 days of move in date, total refund to students and while the owners property will not be booked for next 6 months

(iii) If accommodation provider cancels the booking before or after the 10 days cooling time but with less than 15 days of move in date, in that case accommodation will be completely removed from the website and the property will never be advertised on our website.

(iv) if accommodation owner cancels after both the installment are paid and your phone numbers and email id’s are shared with users, in that case our company has full right to file a case against the party.

(I) after the 10 days of cooling period and 15 days prior to the Contract Start Date, no refund will be due in respect of the 1st Rental Payment (and the booking will be cancelled);

In this term accommodation owners will be paid 30 % of first installment student had paid for booking the accommodation.

(ii) after 10 days and 30 days prior to the Contract Start Date, we will refund 50% of the 1st Rental installment  (and the booking will be cancelled); and

Accommodation owners will only be paid 20% of the first installment in case students cancels after booking

We do rating of properties on the basis of information provided and how has the experience between tenant and owner been. Based on the rating, we offer your property, a better space on website. The best properties will be included in featured listings. Two aspects will be important for having an accuracy rating.

Once owners enlist their properties, our marketing team goes for verification round to inspect the property and the information provided.

We contact the tenant one month prior to expiration of the period of contract and ask them about the experience. Depending upon their reviews we make complete analyses and allot rating to accommodations.

You can make changes to the information provided by logging in to your profile and clicking on “my properties” option and edit your properties submitted.

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