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May 10, 2016 by graphicweave

About the service

We provide a value for money service to our customers by helping them in finding the best possible accommodation suitable to their needs and budget. We understand the pain points of the community of students and working professionals who travel to other countries in pursuance of better opportunities. Thus, through our website we aim to bridge the gap in the sector of rental properties across the borders. Through our services, one can search, book and ensure his/her home in the USA, before leaving his native or resident country. We are also endeavouring to expand the ambit our services by providing the tenants with food and transport facilities in time.


Document verification

We provide homes with their accuracy of information being testified to the best of our knowledge. Likewise, for the purpose of security and maintaining the level of trust, we request for documents from the accommodation seeker to establish the identity, which will increase their favourability of booking an accommodation easily.  The documents which we extract for the fulfillment of this purpose are a copy university joining letter or a job letter , your passport scanned copy and we might require a few more a changes per law variations in different states in USA and other countries.


Payment facility

We provide an easy payment mode through PayPal in two installments within an inter duration of ten days. In case needed, the accommodation can be changed within these ten days with additional fee (up to 2% of the first rental installment).

For the sake of trust and convenience of the tenant, we do not transfer the payment in the landlord’s account until the tenant moves into the set place. We hold this payment until then on landlord’s behalf.


Post your requirement

One can post his requirement to us through the website. Post to that, we will look for best suitable place for him/her in the required location and revert back as soon as possible.



The tenant after moving into the accommodation should adhere to the rules as set by the accommodation provider earlier, the number of people living in the accommodation should not exceed the number mentioned by the owner earlier.



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