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Accomodation Owners

May 10, 2016 by graphicweave

Accommodation Owners/Providers

We make our best efforts to bridge the gap between the accommodation providers and seekers with quality service that you can trust and leverage. We help owners with instant booking requests from students and working professionals, which ensures that you start your income anytime in the month. The minimum stay duration is set to be  58 days.

We do authentication of every person through document verification before sending them to the destined booking. The documents will include passport, ……. etc. This helps us to ensure security and level of trust.

We provide easy money transfer facilities which smoothen out the process of payments across the two countries.

Timely responses

In order to make the booking process easy for everyone, accommodation owners should promptly respond to booking inquiries and requests within 24 hours. If the student’s plan does not match the hosting style, or the facilities which the listing offers, the owner can be sure to decline the booking request.

Listing information

We urge the accommodation providers to provide detailed information about the property being listed. The owners should use high quality photos with captions easy to understand.

The house rules should be clearly stated in order to avoid any discord with the tenant in future. The tenant should to be informed beforehand about his obligations to be followed during his stay.


The owners should provide an accurate description of the facilities being offered in their space. A detailed description will help the accommodation seekers to shortlist the listings which match their expectations the best.

The tenant will be provided an opportunity to rate the accuracy of the information being provided by the owner. Therefore, a detailed and accurate profile of the listing will attract the people who can match with the hosting style. It will help the owners to earn greater rating.

Global service

As we wish to serve the community of students and working professionals from every part of the world, we expect that the landlords will reciprocate and maintain the same outlook towards the community and maintain harmony with their tenants. The landlords shall not consider discrimination with the tenants on any grounds. The landlords should approve any request for booking to the best of their possibility, irrespective of the person’s race, region, country etc.

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